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Here I am compiling a number of things related to health and fitness that I come across while browsing blogs and various sites.

I love to work out! I think eating healthy ( there is no shame in indulging once in a while- food should be enjoyed after all) and taking care of your body is a great lifestyle to get into. You feel better, have more energy, and have less health problems over all. 
Making simple changes to your daily routine can have great benefits!

As of right now my personal fitness goals have nothing to do with losing weight but to continually tone. I started a workout journal finally with my gym routine and I'm doing some before and after pics for comparison. I'm trying to tone, strengthen, and gain muscle (I got a fancy scale from Bed Bath and Beyond that measures all kinds of bodily content. Makes things kind of fun!)

I am absolutely loving this routine! 2 week training schedule to burn fat...with exercise options!

The all amazing effects of Coconut oil. I'm going to try them all.

Beginning the Fitness Journey....I've developed a whole new set of goals and getting in touch with how my body works and how to actually work out! 

Somewhere Down the road of the fitness Journey....and the tips I have learned about working out.

I am eagerly awaiting my shipment of tea....more later on the experience!

The Teatox is complete!! I loved it and I'm ready for more.

This recipe is  a great alternative to burgers and fries. It provides leaner meat and higher protein with not so high of a fat content and starches!

Also something to think about if you go out to order a burger. You can always substitute with these items in order to cut back on the fat intake.

I did some reading on hubpages and find that there seems to be a lot of exercises promoting a bigger butt! If anybody is looking for that brazillian butt lift these could be worth a try....

This is a cool blog with a lot of ideas about natural skin care. I'm definitely going to have a give a few of these tips a try!

14 Best Things to Eat After a Workout

12 Laws of Fat Burning

I thought this article was pretty helpful when it comes to nutrition and how to figure out what we should be eating!

Possible workout ideas?

30-Minute Jump Rope + Strength Training Workout

My Own personal favorite snacks!

A fitness Calendar I found on a blog that I follow. It could be great for any month!

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