About me

My name is Kayla!

I grew up in Colorado and went to Colorado State University. I originally wanted to go to vet school and ended up getting a degree in Equine Science with a Minor in Zoology. I'm now working on my certification as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor and would love to be able to get into the field of Mental Health with Equine Assisted Therapy! I'm also starting a certification as a dog trainer.

I recently married my best friend and became a Navy Wife. In January I packed up and moved to Pearl Harbor, HI. 

I have two dogs:



And my 15 year old cat Mya. Who is a queen btw.

Back home I have three horses and a bunny. So it's safe to say I'm a huge animal person! I love animals and I also love to read and paint. I spend a lot of time at the gym and love to exercise- yoga, weight lifting, and running have all become new past times.

I also am obsessed with coffee and spend a lot of time now hanging out on the beach.

Welcome to my blog!