Sunday, October 4, 2015

Certification, Doggies, A book list, and yet another workout routine...

I have had a crazy busy couple of weeks! I finally got my certification as a registered PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor so I was busy with that workshop, riding test, and lessons. I'm happy to say that it all went very smoothly (even though I had to have a horse change at literally the last second!) and that my class at CSU had me very well prepared for this workshop- it all felt like a lot of review. But I'm happy that's over with!

Amidst this stressful time period....the jeep broke down on me yet again. Twice actually. I was able to get a ride to the workshop luckily, but the second time I had to get towed out of a client's driveway. (I was there to their meet and greet so I could take their dogs that was embarassing to get towed out of their driveway.) Luckily my amazing company got me a rental car. So the dogs and I were able to hike with no towing!

They look happy in the back seat don't they? Man my job is fun. I have several regulars.... so my day is consumed with dogs.

Riko is also going in to get his leg looked at soon. It comes and goes with soreness, but as of lately he has been limping more than usual, but he's being a trooper and sporting his fancy new knee brace. But hopefully we can get some advice on what to do with his leg.

Anyway..... I've been car shopping as well. So it's been crazy busy as always!

Just had to post that I made an update to the book list including:
American Sniper
The Lucky One
Lavendar Ribbon
To Kill a Mockingbird

I'm also posting this link from Body! I'm always looking for new things to do in the gym...keep things from getting dull and keep using different muscle groups. This routine is really great, and after two weeks of doing it I have lost 3 lbs. I also incorporate different types of cardio each day (the stair master is the bomb,..) so definitely give it a try. Make sure the weight is heavy enough to have to work for it, but not so heavy that you can't complete the set.