Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Most Expensive Cup of Coffee Ever.....

There are parts about Hawaii that I absolutely love. The beaches, warm weather, beautiful mountains, etc.

But I absolutely hate the traffic and the people that are in it.
I decided to venture out to a new coffee shop (instead of walking to starbucks that is close by) and I checked traffic on my phone before I made the drive. I was please to find green lines!

Well I suddenly hit a wall of traffic, because of course, there was a lane merge. (there is always construction here. but no construction actually actively occurring.) So I checked my phone again to see how close I was. Looks like the coffee shop is just around the corner! Sweet...Don't have to sit here much longer.

Then I see there are a few cops standing at the lane merge and directing a few people into the gas station. I get directed in and I'm told that they are doing a mobile device screening....Apparently I was caught looking at my phone (checking my gps to see how bad traffic was) and now I'm being given a $300 ticket.

God damn it. When I explained I was checking my gps the officer told me an easier way to get to the coffee shop and that I could have just cut through the parking lot- had I done that earlier I would have avoided my stupid ticket.

UGH. Husband is underway right now so I'm sure he will be so pleased to find out about this when he gets back ;)

Anyway! This was a quick project that I made today. A friend of mine inspired this because she made a calendar just like it and I loved it.

1.Get a picture frame so that you can use the glass as a dry erase surface.
2.Pick up some paint sample cards (this is where you can have fun with colors and designs) Mine were a little too big so I had to cut them down to size.
3.Using a handy glue stick, or another glue like option, glue your squares down onto the back part of the picture frame.
4.I decided to paint the words "month" on there as well as my days. I also found some fun chalkboard stickers to help dress it up. You could get really creative with this in the scrapbooking section of craft stores!

And now you have a fun dry erase calendar that took maybe an hour to put together.

Taste of Home: Light and Tasty Basic Meat Loaf

Let me start with saying that meatloaf is not one of my favorite dishes. It's hardly ever something I'm like "man...I could really go for some meat loaf."

However, husband is this type of person and he was in the mood for it. I looked up the section of my Taste of Home Cookbook that was Light and Tasty and was pleased to find this for only 228 calories per serving. I may have even brought that down a bit by using almond milk and Sara Lee 45 calorie whole wheat bread.

Here's the link to the recipe:

The best part is that it is so easy to make- most of it is in the cooking time. Like I said I used almond milk and low calorie wheat bread for this.

I think that the biggest secret to making this low calorie is that you just use the egg whites instead of the yolk. Milk, egg yolk, and shredded pieces of bread and let soak for about 5 min.

Add a bunch of the seasonings as well as the lean ground beef enjoy mixing that all up into a heaping loaf.

Here it is looking loafy in a glass baking dish!
Let it bake for about 60 min.

After it has baked, take out the loaf (and drain) and lather it in ketchup or bbq sauce (bbq sauce is pictured below but I actually prefer ketchup on this)  then put it back in the oven for about ten more minutes.

And voila! A meat loaf. The most surprising part, other than being low calorie, is it is actually really delicious and goes very well with mashed potatoes =)