Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SkinnyMint Teatox Part 2!

I've officially completed the SkinnyMint 14 day Teatox!

I'm actually really going to miss this tea.

The night tea was my absolute favorite- I love ginger and I also feel like I got the most results. It does make you need to go to the bathroom (which is fantastic for me!) but its not the type of detox that keeps you on the toilet all day long. I feel much less bloated and more regular- after meals I feel full but not overly stuffed and full of water. Things are flowing so much better and I feel a lot cleaner.

I'm ready to try the 28 Day Teatox! My before picture was taken on a day after the gym when I actually wasn't super bloated (these are extremely rare days) but after the 14 day experiment my stomach is definitely flatter and feels a lot better. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Before teatox. On a great day when my stomach was actually no bloated (typically doesn't look like this!)

After teatox. A subtle change but this is how it stays for the most part- I don't bloat nearly as badly feel so much cleaner!

You can squeeze a lot of tea out of these little bags (two strong cups or three lighter ones) so use them up since it is a little more pricey. Also try to cut back on caffeine because the morning boost makes you feel pretty good- I took it too late in the day the first time and I was still wide awake by ten o' clock at night!