Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tales from the Trail Part 1

Okay so... Given that I have recently moved here I started this whole blogging thing to recount and share my experiences. I absolutely have to share what happens with the entertainment of my job as a trail guide haha

Now this is not me....but is a glorified picture of what I do by taking people out on a trail that runs alongside the beach. We have had some extremely entertaining people whose stories must be shared
1. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Couple
They were from Utah and vacationing on Oahu. These people were the first group I got to take out and they were oh so very normal. So very normal. They have a group in Salt Lake City that does competition for Cowboy Mounted shooting. Pretty cool!
2. The United Pilot and his Wife
These people were also incredibly normal and fun to take out on a ride. They didn't have horse experience unlike our other group, however they had interesting careers. The husband was a pilot from United and his wife was Correctional Officer Supervisor in Los Angeles. She looked like she was from LA but was not what I pictured for a correctional officer. She said the worse person she ever had to work with was a convicted murderer/serial rapist. Holy shi* was all I had to say!