Thursday, February 5, 2015

Its Okay...Nothing is Under Control

Last week we had one of those days where absolutely nothing goes right. Not only did it not go right, it went pretty badly! The morning started like this: (and I wish I had my own pictures to share but they got lost from my old phone. more about that in a minute)

Bella wakes me up at 7 or so in order to go out and go potty. I pulled on my slippers and shuffle down there in the dark. I let her out and walk into the kitchen to start making Tony's breakfast, I flip on the light, and what I see pretty much jolts me awake.
These nasty little mother fu**ers all literally erupting from the trash can and climbing up the kitchen wall. Even worse, as I'm stepping away in panic, I look around in the now lit room and see them everywhere. I mean all over the dining room floor, up the wall in the dining room, the kitchen floor, the living room rug....It was a scene straight out of a horror movie (at least mine. yuck) So of course I'm panicking and jumping around and Tony comes down to see this and doesn't do much better. Turns out a small piece of fruit had rotted into our trash can and these things were combusting from it (we had flies in the house the day before too) So number rule learned in Hawaii- take out the trash every night. The moisture and heat really helps disgusting things grow. 

So we went on a battle cry of vacuuming these things up, and as we are checking the stairs, Tony looks up and goes "omg what is that?" I thought it was a bat. I would have been much happier if it was a bat because it could have been eating all these disgusting little maggots. But instead it was a moth about the size of a bird! Tony threw a shoe at it and it flew up into the light- to which we thought was its death. 
I took Tony to work and picked stuff up from the Nex so that I could bleach the house, and as I'm killing the survivors I walk by the couch and something darts out onto my foot. I of course jump into the air and I'm jumping around and freaking out- the moth had somehow flown down the stairs and been hiding under the couch. Its wings were so fried it couldn't even fly in a straight line, but luckily he flew on the screen and I helped him out the window.
In the mean time I had called my boss and asked if I could come in a little late since I was dealing with this infestation. Once I got that taken care of I had some time to kill, so I thought I would be nice and brought Tony some lunch. I then jumped into the car to head to work finally, and as I'm (slowly) cruising through the parking lot, I see this car backing out of her space. She's not just backing out either- she is pedal to the floor backing out of her space and not even bothering to look. I hit the brakes and my car stopped (in my mind I'm saying woo that was close!) but nope. She flies out of that space and back into me. Crunch goes my front bumper. She was mortified- I was even more late to work. Luckily the damage wasn't that bad but we exchanged contact information and I hurried on my way to work, as my boss starts calling to wonder where I am. (We had no bookings that day, and of course, four people walked in)
I told him what happened and he high fived me for not punching someone and doing jail time. I then had a family that was ridiculous to control on the trail (they will be featured on Tales from the Trail part 2) and ended up getting in trouble. 
At least that was enough crap for one day. Unfortunately the next day, we went out on a trail ride and got caught in the pouring rain. My phone got completely soaked and the touch screen stopped working. I was able to get my warranty, but for whatever reason, my newest contacts and pictures weren't backed up onto the card. I lost all my pictures and more importantly- the girl's information that hit my car.

Sometimes these days just happen. The thing is this- I definitely admit I'm a control freak. I need my environment to be stable (more importantly clean) at all times. At this point, I threw my hands in the air, told myself nothing was under control.....
and went to the beach.