Saturday, February 7, 2015

Riko's Hawaiian time Part 2! And Tidbits from Bella

So Riko's leg turned out to be a super contracted gracilis muscle (luckily not torn we don't think) so he is currently doing some physical therapy. The vet used a cold laser on him, massaged it, and gave us stretching exercises. Right now he has to stand on my yoga mat and put his two front feet up onto the stairs, which forces him to put weight on his back legs and stretch out the muscle. He is allowed to go for walks but not any spazz-attack running sprees!

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to the dog beach! Bella is absolutely terrified of the ocean- she likes to run away from the tide. We got her to actually swim in it once but she is not to keen on getting in. I've heard about the dog beach on the air force base so we went to check it out. Its about six inches deep for most of the way out- just enough to splash in! Her and Riko were probably the happiest dogs on the planet. Riko had to stay restricted to the leash, which was too bad because he really wanted to run, but the water seemed to help him do some therapy on his leg.

They were some very happy salty and wet dogs!