Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Project 2: My Eisel!

My Valentine's Day Present!

I was super excited for this- I love to paint but I left all of my painting supplies and eisel back home when I moved (moving to Hawaii is expensive enough and I didn't need one more thing) 

However I was beginning to have a crazy lunatic moment because I wasn't sure what to do with myself.
In order to make me feel a little more at home, and to practice yet another project as well as have an excuse to go to Home Depot, he made me my own eisel! 

The beginning stage.....

I got to practice a little bit of spray painting (hah. Not as easy as I thought) and then I decorated all the little fun bits. I pinterested several inspirational quotes that I painted all over the pieces of the eisel.

Nearly assembled!

I can adjust the height of the canvas using the clamp that slides up and down the frame for detailing the painting and for different canvas sizes.
And it folds up conveniently for storage.

Thanks babe I love it =)

Now I can get back to creating more fun projects! <3