Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Hike up the Koko Crater Railway Trail!

This hike was a beast!

My legs have never become so weak on a hike before.

Like by the time we were on our way back down I was starting to feel like a noodle haha.

The railway hike is an intimidating trail of stairs up the side of the crater. The rail way was used in World War 2 to deliver supplies to the bunkers at the top of the mountain.

Our view of the crater as we are walking up to the trail head. Yep- we are going to hike straight up the side of that.
How bad could it be?

 Beginning the ascent of our hike. It is like the ultimate stair master! So far so good.

Here is our view about 1/4 of the way up the trail. At this point there were several people starting to struggle. I was thinking "Woo! The heart rate is up. This is awesome!"

Oh how easy it was.

This is the super sketchy bridge that is about 1/2 way up the trail! It is over the top of a gulley (about 10 feet up) and as you can see it is rather steep. There is also a beehive that is at the top of the bridge to the left, so it is wise to keep to the right!
There is also a trail that bypasses this bridge, but I was feeling pretty adventurous.

Our view from the trail about 100 steps above the sketchy bridge (we had to stop for a break) that inlet over by the crater is Hanauma Bay. Amazing to see the same scenery from such different angles!

AAAh so steep! Almost to the top! We started losing a lot of people by now and my legs were burning like crazy. Some people started to take breaks every 10 stairs but we were over achievers and climbed about every 50-75. Quick break and press on!
The views from the top were so worth it. How beautiful! 

Luckily we had a pretty overcast hike (I imagine doing this in straight sun and heat would be death) but we definitely needed water with us and not behind in the car! Our descent from the top of the mountain went pretty quickly, but it was definitely steep and slippery with all the loose dirt. 

Tony taking on the sketchy bridge on the way down. I decided to try out the little side trail.
Its much faster and a nice little change up from the stairs!

I would definitely claim this as a success!