Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today's anecdote on floor exercises, Bon Jovi, and Doggy-Doo

Before I finish up the posts on my Japan trip I had to slip in a little anecdote of a few things here. 

First of of the dogs I'm watching had diarrhea all night (He got into the wet cat food.) So that's been fun to clean up. Pinesol works great for the patio and baking soda works well for the carpets. Oh and Pepto is safe for dogs (not cats) in about 1 tsp per 5lbs. Now if I can just get the little guy to eat it that would be great. Maybe with some yogurt? I've been wanting to get a steam cleaner for a while now and I think I may be needing to get one sooner than planned! 

(Dog walking business is booming. I'm swamped with clients...both through the company and privately. But its not always the cleanest job!)

But! The best part of today is that I found out that my one true dearest love....Bon Jovi....has released a new album.

It's pretty good- he never fails to disappoint! But it sucks that him and Richie are still on the outs. It's definitely a softer rock album, but A Teardrop to the Ocean I and We don't run are my favorite songs on here. He's touring around in Asia right now (Singapore one the 20th. That would be a fun trip!) So hopefully he comes to the states soon.

Second of all....never underestimate the power of floor/pilate exercises. My mom got me this great book: (the author has a number of them)

Since I've been out of the gym for about a month and I'm getting range of motion back in my arm I thought it would be a good segway back. It's kicking my ass! I've been so focused on lifting and cardio that I haven't spent any time using my own body weight or small static movements. With enough reps they are a killer. I highly recommend it!