Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July!! Fireworks, Yeasty Paws, and Recipes. Mmm.

Happy 4th of July!! Bella is rockin' her patriotism with her scarf and looking adorable if I might add....

There's a number of things that our country could do better and perhaps its a little stuck up to consider ourselves the "greatest nation" (how can you determine where the best country is to live without having experienced other countries and cultures?)
But I know I quite enjoy living here,
and even with our faults,
still proud to be an american.


We all had a fantastic celebration involving margaritas, fireworks, and hanging out with awesome friends. I have to say that my new group of submariner wives (and others too!) have truly become another family and I am so glad to have them. With that said, we had an amazing night, and the details of the events shall remain top secret.

What happens in the group, stays in the group.

Anyway! Now that we have that settled, have I mentioned how much I love coconut oil? I'm eating it and using it experimentally on my spider veins on my legs to see if it really does help. Sure does make your skin feel amazing!
The dogs love it (Bella likes it more than peanut butter) but the downside is that she tries to lick it off of Riko's feet. haha.
Riko's yeasty foot problem has cleared up tremendously! He is now out of the cone of shame. Occasionally he's been getting a dip in solution to keep his feet yeast free, and still getting coconut oil to fight bacteria and keep the pads soft. His large abrasion has now successfully scabbed over.
The worst paw on the first day of treatment....

The same paw three days later after getting nothing but coconut oil on it!

So this all good. Now on top of that tasty picture, I have three delicious recipes to share that I tried the past couple of weeks:

Bruschetta Chicken

Ginger Steak with Quinoa and Brussel Sprouts