Thursday, March 12, 2015

My fabulous new painting room!

I posted a while ago that my husband had built me an eisel and it right away made me feel much more at home (I also just finished his painting so I'll post that soon, though you will see it here in progress in a second!) 

This was the eisel when it was nearly put together. All freshly decorated and ready to be used!

Shortly after he built me some shelves so that I can organize all of my supplies and finally get them out of a box and in a place where I can see them. I have this thing about needing to be able to see my stuff....I really love to be able to look at my collected things (such as all of my art supplies or my super full book shelf. That's why I never get rid of any!)

I believe these were made out of Mahogany from the Hawaii Reuse store. This is great because the wood was cheap and they gave the shelves a very weathered and authentic sort of look to them. I didn't do any decorating because i really liked the rough texture of the wood.

On the shelf next to my eisel I placed the palletes, the gesso, paint thinner, varnish, and linseed oil. (I'm about to start experimenting with oil paints so that should be interesting.)
Plus an extra canvas that husband put together for me. 

Behind the eisel is all of the stuff I'm constantly reaching for- a variety of paints, a super cool brush holder, bottles for brush cleaning, and empty jars for left over paint color. (I hate when you mix a perfect color and then don't have enough it!)

I really love this brush holder. It was a super random find at the craft store and its just a weird glass piece with three tubes- perfect for all my different brushes!

And all put together......

Is this perfect little niche where I can paint by the window!