Friday, June 5, 2015

The Deployment Survival Kit

My Family Readiness Group is doing a Secret Sister gift exchange during each month of deployment- I wish I knew who to give this creative idea credit to (my secret sister!) but I still thought it would be worth sharing.

I know it certainly made me feel better and maybe it will for everyone else too!

The Deployment Survival Kit:

1. A Glue Stick: To remind you to stick with it when you get discouraged

2. Hershey's Kisses: To remind you of the sailor who loves you

3. A Paper Clip: To help you hold it together

4. Snickers: To Remind you to laugh each day

5. Krackle Bar: For when you feel you're in a crunch

6. Rubber Band: For When you think you are stretched to the limit

7. An eraser: Because we all make mistakes.

8. A Hair Tie: So you can pull your hair back and tackle the hard times

9. Smarties: To help you solve your problems

10. Marbles: In case you feel you've lost all of yours

11. 3 Muskateers: To remind you are never alone.

Plus some chocolate and some tea!

Thank you secret sister!