Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our new kitchen table!

So husband decided to take the liberty and build our kitchen table (we have been using a little card table in the mean time) and it has turned out really nice!

I've done a little photo documenting of the process.

Here he has configured the base of the table and has everything clamped together. Make sure everything is the right length, etc. ( and it is stable!) before prettying up the wood a bit.

Now everything is being stained. We picked out a dark espresso color for the legs and base of the table. After hours and hours (and hours) of sanding (his least favorite thing) he began the layering and drying process of adding some color to our table.

In the meantime....we have picked out this African Mahogany (everything is found at Home Depot) for our table top. 

He set them together with wooden dowels and then glued it all together with wood glue (I never knew just how strong wood glue was!) Here has the boards clamped together to let the glue set and is putting our heavy boxes of water on top of it so the boards will stay flat as it dries.

We picked out some tile at the Depot that is going to be a small strip down the middle and can serve as a place to set glasses or hot pans. We weren't planning it, but it worked out that the tile matches our table perfectly. It has light pieces that match our  bright top as well as dark and golden pieces that accent the espresso legs.

All of the pieces are now dry and ready to be assembled! He has left a couple openings at the ends of the table where we can put in a couple of leaf or two to make table space for more guests.

After several more hours of sanding (our entire garage was a dusty red and I found it all over the house too) as well as a several coats of polyurethane, we have a beautiful glossy table that is ready to be tiled. Gluing everything down took a little bit, and after the grout we sat on each end of the table and polished off the water spots on each little tile.

And at last we have a beautiful dining room table!

Now we just need some chairs. Our card table chairs don't look all that classy and are about an inch too short haha.