Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Birthday Wine Bar Experience!

So I definitely have a few updates from this week! Obviously I'm a little bit behind given that my birthday was a week ago. However! I had to share this cool wine bar that we visited in Honolulu.

A little back story.... my husband has been waiting to go back to his boat for months now, and they called him last friday to say "hey pack your are leaving in four hours" to go on a week long underway. We had a pretty crazy day trying to get him ready to go! So it completely botched our birthday plans...but luckily I had my awesome group of girls to hang out with instead (and realistically we probably enjoyed eating and wine tasting even more!)

This place is called Amuse. It's weird because you walk into what looks like an Ikea and go upstairs to the second floor, and appear in this wine lounge. They had live music and amazing food!

 (I chowed down on Brie and pineapple crumble with chai ice cream. yum!) The wine tasting was really cool- they're all in these dispenser things, and after you purchase a wine card, you put them in and pay per oz. of wine you would like to try. They had a great deal for it too- $50 worth of wine for the price of $30. So we got to try a ton of different wines and had a blast! It is a really cool place to go and hang out.

 The super neat wine dispensers. With some stranger photo bombing....

And I had to add one more view of the lounge from the inside. I think this place was technically a separate restaurant (it was through glass doors next to the lounge) but I thought it looked pretty cool. Not to mention they have a super random horse lamp....which I definitely need in my house. haha!

Visit this link below to read my review about Amuse: