Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hammer of Thor

The Wooden Hammer of Thor

(Thor's Hammer)

This is the excessively large hammer Tony decided to build (large and unnecessary isn't that the goal?) that pretty much resembles a wooden version of Thor's hammer. 

(Tony's Hammer)

It is made out of Ipe wood- which for those of us that don't know, Ipe is heavy, durable, and extremely hard. It makes for great outdoor furniture because of its durability.

So far the hammer weighs a little over two pounds. There may be rumor that some decorative leather will soon be added?

He uses it to close paint cans and work on our kitchen table that he is building (though apparently it dented the side of the work bench!)

Other than that he just likes to carry it around. ;)

Read more about Ipe wood here: