Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Riko's Update on Hawaii

Here is Riko, who is of course quite the celebrity back home among friends and family. He's pretty much the sweetest dog you will ever meet and everyone is pretty in love with him. When we moved I was told countless times by friends that they will have to come and say good bye to Riko (I'm pretty confident that it was much harder on everyone to have him move away!)

He stayed with mom for a couple of weeks while I was moving his two sisters and couldn't seem to keep out of trouble. He jumped the garden fence and caught his leg on a hook, tearing it open and requiring stitches. He was able to fly just fine but has been a little bit sore. He was on the upswing until I took him to the dog park and he spazzed out and took off running like he was shot from a cannon. All the sudden his leg hitched up and he was hobbling three legged- which he has been doing now for the past week. I found the one chiropractor on the whole island to come and take a look at him later this morning so hopefully she can fix him up!